Sunday, 10 October 2010

Save Adult Education in Southwark

Adult education in Southwark is facing severe cuts.
The tactic is to massively hike fees for learners in their
second term and insist each course recruits eight new people every term! But people won’t be able to afford to come back after Christmas and classes will be closed because of ‘lack of demand’.
Arts and crafts, fitness and dance, local history and other life-enhancing courses will disappear from
Southwark unless we act now. Thomas Calton
Centre in Peckham is the hub for Southwark’s adult education. Staff and students are already gathering support. Watch out for our campaign. Southwark
Council are hoping we will go quietly. We won’t!
What you can do:
 Join leafleting and petitioning Monday and Tuesday lunchtimes at Thomas Calton, Alpha St. SE15, (Behind Netto’s on Rye Lane)
 Join our banner at the demonstration at Peckham Town Hall, from 6pm on October 20
 To help Save Southwark Adult Learning: email

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  1. A good reaction when leafleting - 12 pm seems a better time than 1:30. Is anyone up for leafleting at 12 tomorrow/Thursday and Friday?