Friday, 22 October 2010

150 Say NO to Cuts at Southwark Town Hall

On 20 October 120 people protested against the cuts in Southwark, where a lobby of the Labour Council was organised by the recently-formed Southwark Save Our Services (SOS) campaign. A large contingent of the Council’s manual workforce attended – from where many of the 1,000 job-losses are expected to come. Demonstrators heard speeches which called for a vigorous campaign of resistance, including industrial action. A deputation of service-users, UNISON and NUT representatives addressed the Council meeting making it clear that we want labour Councillors to join the anti-cuts campaign, not do the Con-Dem’s dirty work for them. As the SOS Campaign’s statement put it: “It’s been done before: we defeated Thatchers’ Poll Tax – together we can beat Cameron and Clegg!”

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