Monday, 18 October 2010


Tuesday 20 October
from 6pm
Southwark Town Hall
Peckham Road SE5 8UB (corner of Havil St)
Bring banners, petitions, musical instruments, whistles… All ages welcome


  1. Demonstration outside the Town Hall, Peckham Road (Corner of Havil Street) – the day of the Con-Dem government’s announcements about where the axe will fall! This is one of dozens of protests being organised. There is a full Council meeting starting at 7 pm. We are calling on the Council not to implement the Government’s cuts programme. A delegation of 6 of us will address the Council meeting. BRING LOTS OF PEOPLE WITH YOU!

  2. TUC urgent campaign action: Please email your MP about cuts

    TAKE ACTION: Please take a moment to email your MP about spending cuts:

    This coming Wednesday, 20th October, George Osborne will present his
    Comprehensive Spending Review, detailing the huge cuts that he plans to make
    to public spending.

    We think he's making a big mistake. The scale and pace of cuts is not
    necessary, and certainly not fair. The Chancellor says the cuts are
    inevitable, but we think they're ideological.

    By reducing the deficit through 80% cuts and only 20% taxation, the burden
    will fall on the most vulnerable, rather than those who helped cause the
    crisis and could afford a fairer share.

    And planning to pay off the deficit in four years is much too fast whilst
    the economy is so fragile. We're risking a double dip recession, hitting
    jobs and incomes right across the UK.

    Some MPs will be unaware of just how much damage the cuts could do to many
    of their constituents. Some might not have considered alternatives, such as
    cracking down on tax dodging, or a Robin Hood Tax on the banks.

    Let's make sure that every MP watching the Chancellor outline his plans on
    Wednesday will already know the strength of feeling in their own
    constituency about them.

    Please take a moment to email your MP now, letting them know your thoughts.

    Visit our online campaign network Going To Work to get started: