Thursday, 24 March 2011


This Saturday is a crucial moment in the fight against austerity and cuts. Hundreds of thousands of people will converge on Hyde Park in the TUC’s ‘March for the Alternative’.

The South London assembly point is 11am at Kennington Park, nearest Tube Oval. From there we will march together to the Embankment to join the main demonstration.

The ‘March for the Alternative’ brings together people across the UK who want to stop the Con-Dem government’s attack on the welfare state through cuts and privatisation. We want jobs for young people; we want properly funded services that are accessible to all; we want an environment that is safe and sustainable.  We don’t want our communities put at risk by profiteers and bankers.

Southwark Save Our Services is proud to have worked with community groups, trade unions and other campaigning, anti-cuts organisations to organise this feeder march.  We want to ensure that families, groups of friends and organised contingents can march peacefully and safely in about 30 minutes to join the main march. We encourage you to bring your own placards or banners that represent you feelings about government policies, or your group’s name. We want the demonstration to be noisy, fun and vibrant. And yes, we are angry! Let’s shout, chant and whistle to let the whole of Kennington hear us, and come and join us on the march!

Meeting at Kennington will be easy – we will assemble in the park’s North Field, next to Kennington Park Place. People at the gates will point the way. We will assemble ready for departure as soon as numbers allow, and our stewards will escort us up Kennington Road towards Waterloo.

If you are new to marching, there is advice at the TUC website which you may find useful.

We have spent a lot of money - printing 16,000 leaflets for Southwark alone – in order to advertise the feeder march and the TUC’s ‘Alternatives’ (Jobs, Growth, Justice). Help us to fund this, and the publicity for the next and future events we organise, by donating or setting up a standing order to Southwark SOS campaign.
Donate online to: Southwark SOS
Sort code: 40-05-25
Account no: 11643002
or send a cheque made out to Southwark Save Our Services c/o Bermondsey Town Hall Municipal Buildings, 19 Spa Road Bermondsey London SE16 3QN 

We are excited by the prospect of a huge demonstration of opposition on Saturday, but we know that however weak the government is, and without a mandate for the cuts they are driving through, they will only shift with massive and sustained pressure from us. We need more action after Saturday. Strikes against cuts and to protect pensions have begun. Occupations and demonstrations will be taking place in the coming weeks and months to protect jobs and services. Individuals and groups already in Southwark SOS campaign will be supporting them, but we need you, and thousands more like you to join us in these activities. Please contact us and offer what help you can.
Facebook: Southwark SOS

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