Tuesday, 29 March 2011


Thanks to all everyone who has sent us messages of congratulations and support after Saturday’s hugely successful march through central London.

We think the feeder march from Kennington Park to Westminster Bridge which we helped to organise marks a turning point in the campaign against cuts to services and jobs in South London. About 2 - 3,000 people assembled in Kennington Park and by the time we were marching up Kennington Road, the numbers, according to police estimates, had swollen to 5,000.


Large contingents of local trade unionists came with their banners from UNISON, NUT, GMB, UNITE, UCU and others; Campaign groups from across south London including those fighting for Rights for the Disabled, Defending Adult Education, ‘Keep Our NHS Public’, BARAC the black activists group, and the Latin American Coalition Against the Cuts; Students from Camberwell College of Art, Goldsmith’s and South Bank Universities, and from local secondary schools; ‘The Armed Wing of the TUC’ brought not only people but a huge ‘Trojan Horse’ to accompany the demonstrators.

All those who took to the streets of Kennington showed a determination to make their voices heard, traffic was halted, and as people poured onto Westminster Bridge the police lines conceded as demonstrators flooded across to meet with the main body of the march. It was a great feeling!

From the messages we have received, we feel that Saturday’s huge demonstration has given confidence to thousands more, both in south London and elsewhere, to resist the cuts being made by a Government that has no mandate for its policies. Given the number of strikes planned across London by public sector workers later this week in Camden and Tower Hamlets, and the occupations of public buildings in south London threatened with closure, we will be doing everything possible to encourage the same sort of actions in our own borough in the coming weeks and months!

Having said all that, Southwark SOS campaign urgently needs more volunteers to help with the tasks of keeping in contact with the rapidly expanding number of people and community groups who want to work with us. Also, if you’re not yet on our email list to receive a weekly bulletin of events, we will gladly add you to the e-list.  Please email southwarksos@gmail.com.

We spent a lot of money - printing 16,000 leaflets for Southwark alone – in order to advertise the feeder march and the TUC demonstration. We are already thinking about future events to organise and support so please help us to fund all this by donating, or setting up a standing order to Southwark SOS campaign.
Donate online to: Southwark SOS, HSBC, Sort code: 40-05-25, Account no: 11643002

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