Tuesday, 24 April 2012

RMT London tube workers will take part in 72 Hour Tube lines Strike: Solidarity/messages of support needed!

Tuesday 24th April to 4pm Friday 27th: strike over demands for staff to be allowed to join TfL pensions scheme. Management have said they would continue to try and run services regardless.

A strike against cuts/increased workload: More messages of support please!

At Central Foundation Girls' School (Harley Grove, Bow, E3 2AT) on strike this Wednesday 25th.  Reps email addresses for solidarity messages:: skobes1@gmail.com and sheila.mcgregor@btinternet.com.

 400,000 on strike on 10th May: Plan of Action

PCS have voted to join a hundred thousand health workers (members of Unite) in a national strike on 10 May, and possibly Unite members at the Ministry of Defence, NIPSA (the Northern Irish civil servants union), the UCU and RMT could strike too. Although time is short, and SSOS won’t meet again until after 10th, I hope we can at least get messages of support sent to local workplaces, and get SSOS supporters to help distribute unions’ leaflets (UNITE Health have already started this). STUC  & SSOS have worked together for the previous strikes J30 and N30 (public meetings and leafleting etc) and hopefully this collaboration can continue up to and on M10.

Thursday - An invitation to reps from London's local anti-cuts campaigns: Can anyone go to represent SSOS?

You may be aware that the Coalition of Resistance and the Peoples Charter have been in discussions with Unite and PCS and other unions about organising a national demonstration against austerity. This should be confirmed this weekend. On Thursday 26th we have our steering committee where we will be discussing this in detail. We would like there to be representatives from all the London anti-cuts committees at the meeting. Would your organisation be able to send a couple of people along?

The details are: 6:30pm, This Thursday 26 April , in Discus Room, Unite offices, 128 Theobald's Road, London WC1X 8TN

Contact: Sam Fairbairn (Coalition of Resistance) at sam.fairbairn@live.co.uk or 07872481769.

Date for the next SSOS Organising meeting: Wednesday 23rd May – date for your diary!

Although it’s a long way away, it seems the best date as it avoids STUC meeting dates and ‘3rd Wednesdays’ which are difficult dates for a couple of regular Org Group members. Of course, it doesn’t prevent us communicating over issues of importance to us, in the interim. 

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