Sunday, 8 May 2011


Hi in Southwark,

I am leading a campaign in Dorset to try and prevent the cuts to the School Crossing Patrol Service or as we all know them the Lollipop People.

Unfortunately, this is not even a statutory service so local councils are under no obligation to fund them. But, the service has been in place for 58 years as if it was a right of way would have been adopted long ago. In Dorset 65 Lollipop People will lose their jobs and children will be injured and killed as a result.

I am trying to build up a network of contacts across the country where these cuts are taking place, Suffolk, Northamptonshire, Essex, Lambeth, Bromley etc. Only by uniting in our protests and supporting each other can we hope to stop these cuts. If the cuts go ahead in these areas this year, then next year neighbouring counties and boroughs will look to this as an easy cut to make.

Many of the people carrying out the role are past retirement age and do the poorly paid job because they love it. They have never had the need to join a union so do not even have that representation.

Please can you feature my campaign on your blog and I will link to yours. I have listed mine with 38 Degrees but though public support could be rallied to save forests people seem less concerned about preventing children dying.

Helen Toft

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