Thursday, 9 December 2010


we leave Camberwell occupation at 10. Then head up to LCC, then LSBU for their walkout and rally, then go our own route for our action, which will be peaceful, unarrestable and really, really fun! 

Last night we had an amazing night; with Pil and Galia Kollective coming down at short notice to give us an intelligent, open debate, and JJ from the Laboratory of Insurrectionary Imagination got us all thinking up and running about with his group direct action games. The two contrasted really well and got us all ready for today!

We also obtained the financial information we demanded from the university! This was one of our demands, and we are the first occupation to have this demand met! The books prove that 70% of the CCW budget is spent on administration, most of which is at Davies street , which Camberwell did without for many decades, which we DO NOT NEED. ONLY 30% OF THE CCW BUDGET IS SPENT ON TEACHING RESOURCES. WHAT??????????

We had a big meeting after dinner with about 36 people present, where we decided on a peaceful, unarrest-able action that we will be doing with London Southbank University this morning. We decided that it was really important to show solidarity with other local colleges and Universities, so that we start to create a lasting local network of action and support. 
Please do come out and meet up with us and make yourself useful on what will be a historic student day of action!

In other news,
WE HAVE DECIDED TO KEEP OCCUPYING. It would be no good if the moment we are meant to be on holiday, we give up our fight for 4 weeks! We all decided last night that we will stay in occupation through the holidays. This means we will need as many people with any spare time to come down over the next few weeks, and join in and stay. We need to show the university, the government and the public that we are not just here for a laugh, and that we should be taken seriously. We will continue to use the space for organising, making, and planning actions, and keep making a nuisance of ourselves. 

Come and join us today!
The occupiers

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  1. Dear Camberwell Occupiers

    I hope you all had a great day today, and that it was as successful as your events on Wednesday. Please tell us what you did and where you went in today’s demonstration.

    Your attendance at LSBU was part of a very large contingent that assembled there between 11 and 12.30. The main march began with hundreds of students from Goldsmith’s arriving in two contingents, and several smaller but equally noisy and confident groups of secondary school students. In total, in excess of a thousand protesters – some estimates said 2,000. The traffic was gridlocked from the campus up to Waterloo and beyond and the groups stopped at various points, e.g. at Southwark College where groups of students joined in. Several trade union banners e.g. from RMT and Unite were there, as well as the banner of Southwark Save Our Services campaign. The contingent crossed the river at Waterloo Bridge before heading down the Strand , shouting and chanting all the way to Trafalgar Square , only stopping at a Vodafone shop to call in unison for the company to pay its taxes!

    We look forward to hearing from you, and perhaps seeing some photographs of your action.

    C Kelly
    (for Southwark SOS)